My Journey with my Little One.

My name is Kaddie. 20 Year old Mommy to an adorable toddler named Joseph born April 14th. Married to my wonderful husband David. Currently ttc baby #2. Just sharing my experiences, thoughts and feelings as I go on this journey. My past was rough and I am not proud of it but my future is bright.

jackthemother asked: Post 10 random facts about yourself then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers! :}

Ah! I never even seen this so I have no idea how old it is!

1. I’m obviously really bad at checking my messages on tumblr

2. I’m waiting for my julep box and it’s like 2 weeks late

3. I’m super impatient

4. I can’t remember if this is supposed to be 5 facts or 10 oops

5. I’m staying the night at my moms tonight woohoo

6. My birthday is in less than a month

7. I signed up for ipsy and birchbox and I cannot wait it’s like Christmas

8. It was just my best friends birthday

9. Today was amazing

10. I forgot to drink coffee this morning and I cannot wait to have some tomorrow!

I’ll tag some of you lovely ladies and gentlemen when I get home in a day or two :)

I was just invited to a bachelorette.

I’ve never been to one before.

I didn’t have one.

I don’t know how to react to this.

Do I go!?

Guys guys guys guys!!!!

Even though I only met her a few months ago it’s like we’ve been friends forever. Whenever I need someone to help me get through a panic attack or just to talk to she’s always there for me.
She’s literally the best friend I’ve ever had and TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!!!!

So now you all need to go wish my best friend/soul mate/sister wife ROSIE!!!! The best birthday ever!!!! GO GO GO!!


Tonight’s gonna be a good night 😍

Has anyone tried this ipsy monthly beauty box thing?

I keep hearing about box subscription companies and how fun they are. Ipsy is one I hear come up a lot and it’s the cheapest I’ve heard of.

If anyone of you have it/have had it in the past was it good? Was it worth the money?

Ending my night curled up in bed with a nice glass of wine and a good show after plenty of cuddles. Couldn’t be more perfect.

-Crafts are done and hung up
-Bedroom is spotless
-Cleaned out all the toys from under our bed
-Bathroom is spotless
-Baby is napping

Now I just have to finish unloading all the stuff from our shopping trips last night and this morning, clean the kitchen, pick up the living room, and make dinner.

Look at me being productive!