My Journey with my Little One.

My name is Kaddie. 20 Year old Mommy to an adorable toddler named Joseph born April 14th. Married to my wonderful husband David. Currently ttc baby #2. Just sharing my experiences, thoughts and feelings as I go on this journey. My past was rough and I am not proud of it but my future is bright.

Today is a much much much better day already.

We woke up pretty late- around 10am.

I got up got Joey some breakfast and a clean pull up after he “went to” the potty. (He hasn’t peed on it yet because we never seem to get there in time since he tells us pee pee while he’s peeing and not before hand but progress!)

He colored with David while I showered and shaved my legs.

Then we went grocery shopping. I went a little over budget but we did pretty good and got some delicious looking food that I’m pretty pumped to eat. Joey also got a new hot wheel and a ball to take to the park since all his others are waaay bigger.

I put the groceries away and picked up the whole house. I just need to do all the floors and counters and stuff. Like the cleaning cleaning stuff.

Now I’m snuggling Joey so he can take a nap and I can get the dishes done.

If i get enough done during his nap then I think we’re going to the park after his nap :)

Good day is good :)


Joey has also:

thrown up on the bedroom floor

tossed hot wheels all over the house

Toilet papered my bedroom

And is now currently waving wipes around and ripping them out of the container

Sigh today is a super long day.

Had a super hard time getting Joey to bed last night

And the kid got up at 6am when David got up for work ready to party.

It is now almost 9 am and I’ve resorted to giving him a cookie and juice just so I can sit still long enough to drink my coffee.

I promise I fed him real food first at like the butt crack of dawn.

So tired.

Is it nap time yet?????


friendly reminder that if i have ever befriended you and have not spoken to you in a while it’s nothing you’ve done wrong it’s just because i’m a piece of shit at keeping in contact with people and i still love you okay good

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True life: always feeling insecure because I like and comment on people’s posts way too much.